Singapore Dominatrix Domme Mistress Eva

Singapore Dominatrix, Mistress Eva is a highly reviewed and classically trained Domme. She has been featured in VICE’s Broadly, Washington Post, AVN Media, Sinical Magazine and Kink Queens. A British-Asian lifestyle Domme – Mistress Eva has a deep enthusiasm for BDSM, slave training and erotic power exchange.

* Online slave training also available

I play to own. You may think of our first session as our first D/s date.

Genuine submission, intelligent obedience and attentive service are what I adore. I am best suited to advanced players however beginners who are ready to be led into genuine power exchange may be welcomed.

Our first session may touch on my core interests – erotically charged mental manipulation; artful verbal humiliation; protocol followed according to my desires; seeing you erotically overwhelmed; controlling you tightly to the edge of your orgasm; dictating if and how you may finally release; and using my sub girl on you accordingly.

Off the cards are sex (my sub girl is available for this); intimate worship aside from ass worship (I find the combination of intimacy and degradation of ass worship sublime); instructions or scripts – pose every desire as a request and be ready to leave yourself to my hands; permanent branding or modifications; extensive blood play; and anything illegal.

The first impression were flawless red fingernails wrapped around the door with a soft voice commanding me into the room. From that moment, I felt like a puppet, Her pet. Hypnotised by Her aura I naturally went on my knees, it just felt like the right place. Head down. At Her feet.
Pet M



– Discretion always assured –

I will ask you to share your interests and experience with me. But my initial focus is understanding what it’s like to toy with who you are. If and as we progress I will then be happy to dig deeper. I will push on your kink buttons – but remember, I will be using them to use you.

Hard limits are always respected. This is very important to me. I practice BDSM with a strong emphasis on ethical exchange that is risk aware, consensual and caring. As a Dominant I am the caretaker of our emotions and consequences. I take this responsibility to heart.

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I also offer online slave training at Here you will get the chance to be trained by me – any time, anywhere. Let my deep experience guide you into your ultimate servitude.

Inside you will be taken through my carefully crafted slave training courses; and through audio, video and images you will become my perfect slave.

You will see hundreds of exclusive photos and videos. You will earn points for special privileges. I will pay attention to you if you follow my slave tasks well. There will also be new daily slave tasks to keep your attention on me, every day.

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