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Singapore Dominatrix Domme Mistress Eva


International Domme in Singapore and Hong Kong
British-Asian Professional and Lifestyle Mistress since 2012
Trained at the renowned Salon Kitty’s Dungeons
5 star suite, CBD

I combine my classical skill in BDSM with my sensual and erotic personality in the most delicious way…


My exceptional reviews reveal my innermost talents. In them I am frequently praised for my beauty, my seduction and my overwhelming authority.

Domination is effortless to who I am, and eroticism is central to how I live. Professional domination gave me the forum to utilise these deep aspects of myself just perfectly. I genuinely adore what I do – to you…and I do it very well.

I enjoy many activities in kink, and I get a real thrill from experiencing your fetishes with you. But remember, I am a Lifestyle Mistress. I am to be the focus of your attention and your devotion – throughout. But never fear, I will guide you into the ultimate submission every step of the way.

We will begin the session by going over your desires, limits and the safe word of the day… We will end with you gagging for more. I have a preference for the finest lingerie and the shiniest latex and I have a 7.5 to 8 inch stiletto habit. I own a vast collection of implements, toys and devices that I have amassed in my six years of independent professional domination. These reside in Singapore and are all kept in pristine hygienic condition.

Please note that I also adore indulging in social appointments in stylish civilian fashion. As I am a Lifestyle Mistress, my persona will remain dominant throughout. However I don’t bite (without consent) and am quite the alluring dinner companion – to say the least. This also presents you a rare opportunity to wine and dine an elite and professional Mistress. I encourage you to taste it, if you dare.

In addition, I would be very happy to make you my shopping slave (dressing room tease very much included…). I adore indulging in a little public humiliation – if you give me that delicious consent.

I also have a slave girl on hand for the most otherworldly doubles (see

Domme Sub Girl Singapore

* I am a Lifestyle Dominatrix and therefore will only accept sessions with genuine submissives at my discretion. Personal slavery will be considered under the most exceptional conditions.


* If my store doesn’t show, go to my clip store here.


These are a few kinks and activities that I enjoy indulging in. I am also ever curious to hear about anything that you can’t locate here…

Anal play
CBT (Cock and ball torture)
Domestic duties
Domme doubles with sub girl

Dinner domination
Erotic humiliation
Foot worship
Forced feminisation
Golden showers

JOI (Jerk off instruction)
Nipple Torture
Ruined orgasms
Prostate play
Public Humiliation

Sissy Slut Training
Slave training
Social engagements
Tease and denial
…and more

* Please note that I do not participate in activities that involve blood, cutting, penetration (on me), roman showers or wrestling


“The Find”

Who has found whom in this play may always be a mystery… However, that day when – for the first time – I typed the words [Dominatrix Singapore] into the search engine, it felt like someone was calling for me.

I skipped the first trashy ads and was guided onto the shell of a website, still under construction. The realm of Mistress Eva – then with hardly any online presence nor history. An ever so mysterious and intriguing personality. This is how Ulysses must have felt when passing the sirens – only that covering your ears wouldn’t have helped as Mistress Eva prefers to come straight for one’s mind.

Be kind. Be respectful. And be warned.

Mistress Eva could not be any further apart from your average whip swinging and shouting studio dominatrix. Given Her intellect, Her personality that comes with a natural aura of command and Her beauty – certainly in a room full of Dommes, she will be considered the Queen.

For the ones who are attempting to approach Her with their own session wish lists or any other hideous requests Mistress Eva is certainly not the one for you. In this case you will be seeing someone else and Her ever so kind and helpful assistant Ally will make sure of that.

“The First Meeting”

My heart was jumping.

Excitement. Joy. Fear.

I took the stairs and arrived at Her suite and knocked.

The first impression were flawless red fingernails wrapped around the door with a soft voice commanding me into the room. From that moment, I felt like a puppet, Her pet. Hypnotised by Her aura I naturally went on my knees, it just felt like the right place. Head down. At Her feet.


Two hours later I left as a grown individual as Her grown individual. She enabled me to move red lines, to achieve things I would not have dared to think or dream about. Being in this world as Her pet is an ultimately satisfying experience I am upmost grateful for. Pleasing Her becomes the ultimate goal.


“Desperate and hungry for more”

Dear Mistress Eva,

Thank you so much for allowing me the honour of meeting and having a session with you in Singapore, and apologies for taking so long to express that.

I must say the session was completely different from what I had expected.

I felt that our time together was different in that it was strict (you were in control the entire time and I enjoyed obeying the protocols) but not cruel. These two often go together, although not necessarily, as You have demonstrated. Instead, I felt like while I was dominated, I was also teased and seduced. This was a new experience for me despite my years of experience.

– First, your breathtaking beauty. To say that you were stunning would be an understatement. I had met many beautiful dominas, but you were truly in a league of your own. Words fail to express how I feel, and I can only describe you as the pinnacle embodiment of oriental beauty.

– Second, your strict adherence to protocol. Being instructed to keep my eyes down, kneel immediately once we entered the room etc. maintained the power dynamic.

– Third, your individual style. I am more accustomed to strict, and occasionally sadistic treatment, but you combined your sessions with an exquisite form of seduction that leaves one desperate and hungry for more.

I had an amazing time, and would like to thank you once again for the experience.



“The hardest thing I did that day was leave”

If I’m correct, Mistress Eva went by Eva on top. And she was in Seoul in 2015. The bdsm scene in Korea is almost non existent, so to see there was a real life pro domme coming excited me. I contacted her and filled out the session application the way I was instructed and got a session with her.

When I first met Mistress Eva I was stunned by how beautiful she was and and instantly nervous. She had a collection of toys in her hotel room and she asked me what I thought those were for.

From this point on, I knew I was beneath this woman. She was meant to rule and I was so happy to be under her. The pain I felt at times was above what I thought I could take, but I didn’t dare to use the safe word, cause I couldn’t bear the thought of disappointing her. I remember everything so vividly to this day and have been waiting for her to come out of retirement. From the way it felt for her to enter me. (To this day, she is the only one), the taste of her saliva, the taste of the bottom of her shoe and stocking feet. The feeling of being her chair. And how even though I wasn’t able to cum from the ties she used on my genitals. I was more than prepared to lick it off the the floor as she commanded that I would have to do if was to finish. And lastly, she took me to the shower, and urinated on me. I don’t even know if I asked for it. Nor did I know how blessed I could feel to have her do that, but I was ready to become her toilet if she commanded.

The hardest thing I did that day was leave. I would of done anything to stay and be her slave for her entire visit. Tied up and used when ever she wanted for what ever she liked.

I even left the ties on my balls cause she didn’t tell me to take them off and I didn’t want to disobey her. So I had to ride the subway for an hour and a half in slight bandage in honor of her until I got home and she gave me permission to remove it.


“I will never look at a hotel coffee table in the same way again”

Firstly I would like to say thank you again Mistress for the wonderful experience of meeting You and serving You. I am delighted to have spent the time with You and the initial anticipation and nerves were all well worth the wait. I have enjoyed the memories and flashbacks of the occasion all weekend.

Thank you for sharing some things about Yourself at the dinner and whilst it was a shame it wasn’t as private as You hoped I was thrilled to spend time in Your company. You were truly beautiful and all I have ever imagined in a Mistress.

You were magnificent and I thoroughly appreciated all the training and that You were so kind to me on this occasion. I am sorry for my errors of eye contact and for the fact the toy didn’t work (it still doesn’t but at least can still be used as a butt plug I suppose – I haven’t used it and will await Your instruction on what to do with it if anything) and hope to learn from Your guidance and instructions.

The equipment you have looks amazing and albeit a small part of Your collection I hope for the opportunity to try it in the future and even the cane – given how fond of it You were – I hope that one day I will be able to have it used on me as I learn to please You as I am learning that the pain can be part of the whole experience of submission.

Being helpless beneath You was incredible and I will never look at a hotel coffee table in the same way again given just a few of the small possibilities You have shown me on Friday. The finale in the shower was amazing and a total surprise for me. So thanks again – I could have stayed to worship Your perfect feet and heels all night! I hope to be able to continue to serve and please you in the future but honestly I don’t know how to express my feelings and gratitude for Your selecting me and for the overall experience!

Yours hopefully, thankfully and excitedly,


+61413859389 (WA/WC)

If I accept your session we will meet at my 5 star suite in the CBD. It boasts over 50sqm of the finest slave crawling space Singapore has to offer. I may also entertain outcalls to other 5 star hotels.


I also offer online slave training at Here you will get the chance to be trained by me – any time, anywhere. Let my deep experience guide you into your ultimate servitude.

Inside my slave training site you will be taken through my carefully crafted slave training courses – DREAM, PLEASE, SEE and BE MINE; and through audio, video and images I will train you into becoming my perfect slave.

You will get the opportunity to see hundreds of photos and videos reserved only for those in training. You will get the chance to earn points that will earn you special privileges – with me. I will pay attention to you if you follow my slave tasks well. There will also be new daily slave tasks to keep your attention on me, every day.

This, and so much more awaits you.


Get your video lessons, slave training courses, exclusive photosets and more.


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